Monday, February 11, 2013

Top Tips to Have Safe & Happy Vacation in Dubai

A modern day utopia bubbling over with glitter and glamour, Dubai in UAE catches the fancy of every seasoned traveller who craves something more than satiety. It is a city of superlatives that ranks highs on their list and lure them to look for cheap flights tickets time and again. It is located in UAE, a Muslim country where one must follow proper decorum in order to show respect towards the custom and traditions. Here is a little smattering of essential tips that tourists buying travel tickets and flights deals must heed.

Dress Modestly
Both men and women are advised to dress modestly. Women travellers should avoid wearing revealing clothes like short skirts or exposing tops and confine bikinis to private beaches. Heritage is one of the baits of UAE that beckon travellers into booking those flights tickets, so it is a duty of a visitor to stay cautious about Dubai’s ethos and values.

Avoid Public Displays of Affection
Vacationers buying flights tickets to jaunt Dubai must avoid explicit displays of affection in public. Violation of a rule may lead to criminal charges. Being respectful and decent in the city lets you have a real slice of local culture and the experience truly pays back for all the money and efforts you invest on vacations packages and tickets for flights landing in UAE.

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