Saturday, February 23, 2013

Now, Only Goa Tourism Dept Approval For Beach Weddings

Local and foreign tourists taking flights tickets for India hoping to get married at Goa beaches need not stifle their desires fearing the legendary red-tapism in the country. Now, it is easy to tie knot with your loved one at picturesque beaches as the only approval required if from the tourism department of the state.

Prior to this, permissions for big events to be held at the beaches of the state required mandatory approval from various departments such as excise and Goa coastal zone management authority. Now, all music shows, beach weddings, concerts, exhibitions, meetings and conventions arranged in private and public land outside licensed premises will need a consent from tourism authorities and will be covered under the clearance system.

The development is great news for locals in India as well as foreigners who book flights tickets looking to travel to India in hope of organising some sort of personal or public gathering. While those taking flights tickets to India hoping for a beach wedding in Goa would certainly be happy lot, corporate travellers who are looking to hold meetings or seminars won’t be mind it either as they won’t be required to run from post to post looking for approvals! Moreover, foreign performers who grab flights tickets with their entourage can hold their shows at sea sides without having to worry much about India’s red-tapism.

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