Monday, January 14, 2013

Malaysia Airlines to Join Oneworld

In what could be pleasant news to global travellers who regularly seek flights tickets, Malaysia Airlines is all set to become a member of oneworld alliance from February 2013. The carrier completed the formalities stipulated by the group and has successfully gone through a thorough review of its readiness that was conducted by Qantas in coordination with the alliance. Qantas is also the sponsoring the entry of the carrier into the grouping.

Malaysia Airlines’ inclusion into oneworld would be happy development for not only the operator and the alliance but it sure is music to the ears of patrons who book flights tickets with MAS on a regular basis.

Flyers who book flights tickets regularly and become members of the Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich loyalty program will now have their frequent flyer privileges extended to each and every carrier in the group. British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Qantas and Royal Jordanian are some of the many members of the group that also has certain number of affiliated operators. Members of the loyalty program could now earn and redeem miles when booking flights tickets with these carriers too.

While the news is certainly a happy one for flights tickets buyers, it also means a good deal to the oneworld alliance as the inclusion of MAS in the grouping would mean 14 new destinations in the network and a massive boost to the group’s connectivity between various cities in Asia and other parts of the world.

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