Wednesday, January 2, 2013

India's Republic Day Parade: A Colourful Parade of Cultures

Foreign tourists who are in India and those who are looking to book flights tickets for a tour to the country would be delighted with the prospect of greeting the country’s biggest show of cultural as well as military strength. India is huge expanse and there is seldom a one place in the nation that offers a peek into the country’s spectacular diversity but come 26th January, those blocking tickets on direct or indirect flights to the Asian nation will have just that!

India’s Annual Republic Day Parade that is scheduled to take place at India Gate is an affair that remains to be seen to be truly believed. Thousands of participants from all corners of globe get together to put up a show that is one of the biggest extravaganzas on the planet. Those having their hands around tickets to India flights would be endlessly delighted as they get to witness the radiant display put forth by school kids, defence personnel and professionals.

The performances at the parade are truly livewire with traditional dance forms, daredevil air stunts, military show-off, motorcycle acts and a host of other attractions. Tableaus, generally showcased by each territory and state of India, is a big hit among locals and are sure to please foreigners too who are making reservations on flights tickets just to revel in Indian colours. Then there is the sea of crowds that add to the overall milieu of the place and make it even more memorable for holiday makers landing at the venue.

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