Thursday, January 10, 2013

Festivals and Events in Goa - India's Best!

Go Goa! There is a reason why there is a definitive call to action verb that usually presides the most popular holiday destination of India! Goa’s immaculate blend of pristine beaches and balmy weather, and an aura that surprisingly defies the somewhat conservative illustration of India are huge crowd pullers and ensure that tickets on flights that are bound to the smallest state of the country are taken to the last! But Goa is not the one to be easily content. 

The coastal province makes sure that tourists who are investing their hard earned money on flights tickets are regaled with an experience that would go with them to the grave!! Apart from the beaches, feni and food, India’s premier beach destination has a wonderful armoury of spectacular shows and events to rivet guests. 

Festivals like the Sunburn and Goa Carnival have set the benchmark high and are making ripples all over the word, compelling revellers to start a frantic search for cheap deals on flights tickets for an economical tour of India

While Sunburn is an electronic dance music (EDM) festival that is billed by many as one of the best festivals on the planet, Goa Carnival brings a Portuguese flavour to the country that prides itself on being the most diversified race on earth! Tourists who love to have good time with safe and secure environment and a pleasing weather to boot would surely find themselves a lot happier in case they show smartness enough to buy flights tickets deals and holiday packages for India with focus on this beach paradise!

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