Friday, January 11, 2013

Affordable Yet Gourmet Restaurants in Sydney

Boasting the unrivalled food scene in Australia, Sydney lives up to the expectation of all those epicureans who book cheap flights tickets to savour its culinary flavours. There are umpteen eateries in the city that regale with all kinds of carte du jour ranging from local Aussie fare to international cuisines. And to top it all, some are extremely affordable and take care of money factor. Here are the prominent ones that catch the fancy of most gourmets making tickets reservations for flights arriving in Australia

Harry's Cafe de Wheels :-
Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Cowper Wharf Road is a waterfront meat stand that drives masses crazy with its awe-inspiring range of Aussie staple of pie, sausage rolls, pasty, hot dog and many other exotic cuisines. Its specialities include Harry’s ‘Tiger’, Pie & Mash and Pie & Sauce. The 70 year old stand has become a well-known tourist attraction and a must-visit for every foodie who bag cheap deals on tickets for flights arriving in Sydney.

Mamak :-
Mamak in oldest Chinatown in Sydney is a modern Malaysian Chinatown eatery that not only satiates the taste bud, but also rejuvenates the soul with enchanting cuisines capturing the magical feel of Asian food in Australia. The irresistible variety of roti, curry gravies and chicken and lamb in spiced sauce make your mouth water. Mamak offers great value for money and a port of call for all those gastronomists who lay hands on flights tickets for relishing the mixed tastes of Australia.

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