Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Luxury Hotels to be Set up in Goa

India’s premier tropical destination, Goa is on the radar of many hospitality groups. The state will soon be able to offer many more options in terms of 5 star hotels to entertain luxury seekers spending on tickets for flights to this Indian seaside hotspot, in the coming few years.  

Goa’s coastal villages are set to feature more than 12 properties to offer shade and shelter to the ever increasing influx of visitors. All these hotels will be in 5-star segments, serving sybarites who spend on tickets for premium class flights for their business tours or holiday break. 

As per the reports floating in the Indian media, there are around 3,465 five-star rooms available for those taking tickets onboard flights to the gorgeous Indian state, at present. And it is expected to double up over the next two to three years. 

Goa has long been one of the hottest destinations in India with many wanting to explore its multifaceted delights! Quite unsurprisingly, India’s smallest state has been witnessing a massive investment in its burgeoning hospitality sector by key domestic and international players of the industry. Many hotel chains are looking towards India to foster their brand growth agenda and hoping to serve those buying tickets on international flights to the beachside destination of  Goa in India.  

At present, the state features around 25 five-star resorts certified by the tourism authorities to serve travellers booking tickets deals to travel on-board flights to the India’s premier seaside destination.

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