Monday, November 12, 2012

Kaziranga National Park Reopened Its Gates for Visitors

Kaziranga National Park, the well-known wildlife reserve in India reopened its gates for visitors on November 1, 2012. This World Heritage Site was closed due to recent floods in the region.

The overwhelming collections of one-horned rhinoceroses, mammals like tigers, panthers and birds here remain the biggest attention grabbers among most foreign as well as local fauna lovers taking flights tickets to travel to India’s North-Eastern state of Assam. 

No wonder, the opening of the reserve is music to the ears of the wildlife buffs who are planning to book flights tickets and holidays to explore India’s unique wildlife after the news. The park is highly popular and even those wildlife enthusiasts who are already in India would be tempted to take a detour to this part of the country and seek cheap tickets on flights. November and December are the peak travel months for Kaziranga. 

However, some of the low-lying areas are still underwater and will not be open to visitors. Authorities are striving hard to ensure smooth holiday experience for the tourists. All the damaged roads and bridges are being repaired to ensure smooth passage to the nature lovers booking flights tickets to India, enjoy country’s faunal wealth. 

Though jeep safaris will take a few weeks before restarting, elephant safaris have already started entertaining tourists. Elephant safaris are immensely popular at the reserve as all the plain lands are infested by tall grasses making it more convenient to watch wildlife from elephant back.

Kaziranga is one of the oldest national reserves in India and is the best place to observe the exotic and eclectic faunal variety from close quarters. The winter months of November to February are considered to be the best time for animal sighting here, and draw animal lovers in droves to advance book on tickets for flights to the country.  

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