Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sports Tourism – A Growing Trend in India

It is highly unlikely one would ever get tired of India’s unrivalled wealth of historical monuments and cultural multifariousness. And even if you do, there is so much to fall back upon in this glittering nation of massive delights. Now, there is yet another growing phenomenon in India that is not only keeping tourists in the country happy and engaged but is actually also enticing foreigners to look for cheap tickets on flights to the country! It is the blooming niche of sports tourism.

Indeed, a good number of foreign vacationers are seeking air tickets deals for India bound flights for revelling in the gratifying pursuit of sports in the country. The nation, with its massive economy, advancing infrastructure and life style changes of locals, is grooming itself as a sports hub for global sporting aficionados. 

Correspondingly, there has been a spurt in the number of travel agents and tour operators doling out packages that swathe major sporting events in India. One can also look for cheap flights tickets for the destination with such tour operators. 

The destination has organised events like Commonwealth Games and the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) in the recent past, attracting tourists to grab flights tickets to the nation. Reports reveal that during the CWG 2010 there was a significant increase in the number of foreigner travellers making tickets bookings on flights to Delhi. The country also features in the F1 Grand Prix’s schedule of the year.

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