Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Revel in Vivid Festivities of India's Pushkar Fair

One of the biggest attractions in Rajasthan and an extremely popular event among foreign travellers booking air tickets for India bound flights, Pushkar Fair will be held from November 19 to November 28. 

As the fest gets underway, Rajasthan will come alive with brightly dressed devotees, dancers, traders, performers, ‘sadhus’, musicians and acrobats. Hordes of camel herders and traders will set up camps in the dunes looking for buyers and for participating in the adrenaline rushing camel races. For the first few days, camel trading will be the major highlight and gradually it will transform into a gala traditional and cultural event for the travellers.

Tourists who book flights tickets for sojourning the state during this time get bewitched with multihued shades of culture, heritage and traditions of India. They will have the great opportunity of revelling in the whirlpool of elating activities like camel rides, dances, shopping, eating and much more.

The cultural displays and performances, vast options for retail therapy, mesmerizing spectacles and rejuvenating experiences leave holidaymakers gloating over their decision of booking cheap tickets for flights to this desert state of India during this time.

Rajasthan is already a renowned destination among foreign tourists who buy air tickets for flights bound to India. With such a wonderful carnival all set to soak the land with vibrant colours, it is expected that the demand for cheap tickets for India bound flights will increase by leaps and bounds.

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