Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Essential Entry Requisites for Egypt

Getting acquainted with the various facets of entry requisites remains one of the most crucial parts of travelling to the mystical land of Egypt. So, if you are planning to book flights tickets to the country, skim through a few fast facts related to entry requisites, as advised by FCO.

  • You must procure a visa for Egypt before going ahead with your flights tickets bookings. However, if you are booking flights tickets to Sharm El Sheikh, Nuweiba, Dahab, and Taba resorts, you may receive a free entry permission stamp upon arrival for stays up to 14 days. But if you are booking flights tickets to travel out of the mentioned areas or plan to overstay, you must procure a visa.

  • Booked those cheap tickets on flights to Egypt, land of Pyramids and grabbed a visa too? Keep your fingers crossed as this alone is not enough. Getting a visa to the country does not guarantee your entry as the final decision rests with the Egyptian Immigration authorities.

  • Visas can be procured from Egyptian Consulates outside Egypt and also after reaching the destination by paying the fee in Sterling or USD, for stays of up to a month. If it is out of date or expired by more than 14 days before return, you could be detained.

  • If you are travelling to Sinai Peninsula, entering without a visa, you can normally purchase one at Sharm El Sheikh Airport. If you wish to get detailed information on the issue before booking your flights tickets, check with the Egyptian Embassy in London.

Passport Validity
  • Ensure having a valid passport before spending on tickets for flights bound to Egypt. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Egypt.

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