Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Entry Tips for Britons Buying Tickets on Thailand Flights

If you want to assail your senses with overwhelming exquisiteness, immerse in fun of ritzy shopping or get bowled over by extraordinary delights, start looking for tickets to exotic Thailand hotspots. But remember to take a fleeting look at the entry requirements for ensuring a wrinkle free holiday.  Here are some fast facts before booking your flights to Thailand .

Passport Info
If you are planning to book cheap flights to the country, ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry and there are no missing pages and the passport is not damaged in any other way.

Entering without Visas
Britons booking tickets on Thailand bound flights are allowed to stay in the country for as long as 30 days without a visa. Travellers who arrive via overland crossings are permitted to stay for 15 days without a visa.

Savings that you make with cheap flights tickets to the country may go waste if you exceed the allowed timeframe for stay in Thailand. It may call for legal proceedings, massive fines, detention, and getting deported at your own cost. In fact, you may not even get to book tickets to the country again as the authorities may blacklist you from visiting the country ever again if you overstay. 

Obtaining a Visa
If you are booking tickets on flights to somewhere in Thailand, always choose to obtain visa from legal channels like Thai embassy or consulate, Immigration offices around the nation, and Immigration officers at the entry points into Thailand. For updated details on entry requirements please visit http://www.fco.gov.uk.

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