Monday, October 15, 2012

Amber Palace-Jaigarh Fort Tunnel Inaugurated in Jaipur

Holiday makers with hands around tickets for flights bound to Rajasthan will now be able to experience yet another fascinating lure of the India’s royal state. The state authorities in India’s western state have inaugurated an 18th century tunnel that connects Amber Palace and Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur. Both of these city attractions act as towering lures for tourists grabbing air tickets on flights to Jaipur.

The tunnel was inaugurated by State Tourism Minister, Bina Kak, who also revealed that the passageway was built as defence strategy. She explained that in case of attack on the Amber Palace, the royal family and others could be evacuated from the palace to the Jaigarh Fort, via the tunnel. Sources divulge that the 325 metre-long channel was discovered during excavation a year ago.

Foreigners who vie to get their palms around cheap tickets on flights headed towards India smitten by the incredible radiance of this nation’s smouldering culture and historical legacy will surely find this new offering a fine treat. They will literally be able to walk down the memory lanes of the majestic country after taking flights tickets and landing in Jaipur.

The Rajasthani city remains a highly popular holiday spot among foreigners as this colourful expanse perhaps best displays India’s fabled legacy and royalty. Even travel experts believe that this newly inaugurated tourist attraction is likely to push up footfall of tourists taking air tickets on flights to Jaipur in India’s Rajasthan.

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