Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Russian Tourist on Flights to Goa Up, Briton Arrival Dips Down

The love affair between British vacationers and the beautiful Indian state of Goa seem to have hit a small snag! Official reports point towards a little dwindling of numbers as far as British tourist taking flights to Goa are concerned.

A report prepared by the Goan tourism ministry states that there has been a 30 percent decline in the figure of tourists taking flights from Britain to Goa over the last two years. On the other hand, during the same period the number of Russian tourists taking Goa bound flights to India has risen by more than 200 percent!

Goa, India’s smallest state remains a big lure for vacationers looking for water fun and pleasant holidays in India. The state’s beaches are considered to be the finest and liveliest in the region.

According to the report tabled in the state assembly, in 2010 and 2011 the top arrivals in the coastal state of Goa were from European countries, i.e. Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland and Sweden, apart from Russia and Britain. In 2010, 154,122 tourists from Britain took Goa bound flights to India and in 2011 the figure went down to 117,683.

Quite the opposite, the number of Russian tourists visiting Goa rose to an astonishing 133,780 in 2011 from 57,623 in the year 2010. The data also indicated that 43,717 British tourists landed in Goa until June this year, when the figure for Russians vacationing in Goa in the same period was 51,461.

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