Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Weakened Rupee Makes India Holidays Cheaper

The weakened Indian Rupee seems to have placed India among the top searched holiday destinations on the internet and the country’s influx of foreign travellers is likely to get triggered soon, owing mainly to the cheaper hotel deals.

Sources reveal that the devaluation of Indian currency has sparked off the enquiries by foreign travellers for bookings in relatively expensive Indian hotels for the peak season. These mid-segment travellers earlier visited the country only during the off season to score cheap flights and cheap accommodation options.

Sources indicate that Southeast Asian countries and London are amongst the regions that have shown noticeable rise in the enquiries for holidays and flights to India.

A number of mid-level international travellers have already started making advance bookings with airlines for cheap flights to India for peak season holiday break that lasts from October to February.

On the other hand, the depreciation in the rupee has made the outbound Indian holidaymaker’s feel somewhat gloomy, many of whom might have to settle for cheaper destinations such as those in Far-East or the Gulf instead of Europe or the US.

Unsurprisingly, many Indian travellers would restrict themselves to the neighbouring destinations such as Colombo and Kathmandu. The possibility of many taking a cheap domestic holiday tour or a staycation is also quite high.

While, for the time being, the Rupee fiasco may have balanced the equation in favour of the foreign tourists to India, experts believe that by the end or the fiscal year, the Rupee may appreciate significantly against Dollar.

Whatever be the case, Britons have a great opportunity at the moment to net some great deals to travel to India during the peak season.

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