Thursday, April 5, 2012

Delhi sees hottest day of the year

Delhi has recorded the hottest day of the year so far as it reached temperatures of over 39 degrees C.

The temperature in Delhi has reached its highest point of the year so far as the city moves through its summer season.

The mercury in the city peaked at 39.7 degrees C in the Palam area of the city on April 3rd.

Overall, the city has been experiencing temperatures at five degrees C higher than average, with the minimum temperature standing at 24 degrees, the Indian Meteorological Department announced.

It comes as part of a heatwave for the city, as the temperature has been around the 38 degree mark for the past two days.

Although it was hot, the level of humidity was reported to be more manageable, as it was between 30 and 66 per cent.

It has been predicted it is likely to stay this hot for the coming days, although it will be cloudy, which may provide some respite to those in the city.


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