Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful handcrafted items to be showcased in Delhi

A showcase of stunning handcrafted items is being hosted in Delhi at the Bishnupur Festival.

A range of beautiful items that have been made by hand are currently being showcased to the people of Delhi as part of the Bishnupur Festival.

A collection of stunning items that have been made by the people of West Bengal are on display as part of the event, as the region looks to attract the attention of people living in the Indian capital.

Running to April 22nd at Dilli Haat, the event is the second instalment of the festival and includes a number of cultural events and activities to entertain visitors.

Among the items being shown are hand-woven Baluchari and Swaranachari silk sarees and terracotta items that bear the distinctive features of products made in the West Bengal region.

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