Friday, March 30, 2012

Dubai Airport dramatically reduces carbon emissions

Dubai Airport has taken steps to dramatically cut down the amount of carbon that is emitted in its daily operations.

Dubai Airport has announced it has seen success in its efforts to reduce the amount of carbon that it emits each year.

The international airport has revealed it saw its carbon emissions fall by 72,793 tonnes in 2011, as well as saving 131.9 million gallons of water compared with the previous year.

The terminal also cut down on the amount of fuel it uses, which saw a total saving of 15.9 million United Arab Emirates dirhams (£2.7 million).

"We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and as we step up efforts to limit our footprint, it's becoming increasingly clear that green business is good business," said Dubai Airports chief executive officer Paul Griffiths.

He added that the airport's goal is to make the facility as clean and sustainable as possible in the future.


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