Friday, September 23, 2011

Over 55s 'planning to take gap years'

People who are approaching retirement are often planning to make the most of their free time by going on an adventure holiday.

There could be a rise in the number of people aged 55 and above who are booking flights to Australia and other countries as they look to take their own gap years.

A study of the age group carried out by the Post Office found that 25 per cent are planning to head away on the trip of a lifetime.

Dubbed 'grey gappers', the travellers are often choosing to spend around three-and-a-half months exploring their chosen destinations, compared with the 12 months that are traditionally taken by younger people.

Australia proved to be the most popular destination for them to visit, with 36 per cent stating they would like to travel to the nation. New Zealand and India also featured in the top five most desirable countries.

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