Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top Luxury Resorts for Tourists Visiting Maldives

Maldives is a shining pearl of Indian Ocean. Coconut palm fringed islands, turquoise waters, vibrant coral reef inundated with exotic flora and fauna, pristine sands and ocean define the true beauty of Maldives. The place is a well known tourist destination drawing inordinate numbers of global travellers, who book tickets aboard flights for sojourning this tropical paradise. Here is a look at the luxury brimming resorts for stay at Maldives for those who have bought tickets for the destination!

Iru Fushi Beach & Spa Resort 
This ostentatious property is nestled in sprawling area and boasts of about 12 deluxe accommodations each having its own water or beach setting. The place also specializes in soothing ayurvedic treatments for the guests disembarking flights in the nation. This opulent property is renowned to pamper with luxury treatment to its noted patrons and offer various gastronomic venues to the travellers buying tickets to paradisiacal Maldives for digging into the scrumptious cuisines and enjoy vacations. 

Island Hideaway, Spa Resort and Marina
This is another opulent address of Maldives that offer nothing less than sheer indulgence. The Island Hideaway offers ostentatious villas that include Deluxe Jasmine Garden Family Villa, Jasmine Garden Villa, Water Suites, Dhonakulhi Residence, the Raamba Retreat and the Funa Pavilion. The rejuvenating spa here specializes in taking away the exhaustion caused by the long haul flights. Matheefaru Restaurant, Gaafushi Restaurant and Meeru Bar dish out scrumptious cuisines for the tourists bagging tickets on the Maldives bound flights for the leisure sojourn to the nation.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Best Airlines to Book Flight to Pakistan from London Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports not just in the UK and Europe but the entire world. Being one of the world’s largest airports, it has emerged as one of the top choices among Britons seeking to book tickets on flights to various worldwide destinations including Pakistan. Though many leading airlines operate scheduled flights to the country from Heathrow, a few have emerged as popular choices for netting air tickets on the route. 

One of the most celebrated operators in the Middle East, this airline has continued to be a popular choice for Britons seeking tickets on Pakistan bound flights from London. Long haul operations on this route are directed through its hub at Dubai International Airport. This full service carrier provides its patrons with a range of industry leading services including plush seating, fine dining experience as well as its much awarded ICE entertainment system. 

Another East based airline preferred by holidaymakers booking tickets on flights originating from London arriving in Pakistan is Etihad. A majority of its global operations are routed through its hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport. This full service carrier has received numerous awards from globally renowned aviation authorities like Skytrax for its key operational areas including the celebrated E-box in-flight entertainment system.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways, the national airline of Qatar, ranks among top choices for booking air tickets for flights departing London Heathrow and landing at leading international airports of Pakistan. Rated as a five-star airline by Skytrax, the carrier is recognized globally for its high standards of service and extensive network worldwide. Long haul flights to airports of Pakistan from the UK aboard Qatar Airways are routed through its primary hub at Doha International Airport in Qatar.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zambhala Festival to Take Place in Goa in December 2013

India’s premier beachside destination simply leaves no stones unturned to entertain merrymakers and it is all set to amaze those festival goers who are planning to book or have already booked tickets aboard cheap flights arriving in India for holidays to Goa during the peak travel month of December. India’s Pearl of the Orient is all set to host the Zambhala Festival in December 2013. 

The fiesta will bring together the best yoga experts, spiritual teachers, practitioners and healers from India and across the world. The fest will also feature a wide variety of yoga, music, dance and cultural programmes to engage and entertain the visitors who book tickets on international flights destined for the country. In addition, those who opt to attend the event will also be able to indulge in enriching workshops on different mediation techniques, chanting, and group channelling and astro-gazing. 

Organizers are sure that the gathering of yoga teachers, spiritual experts, musicians and dancers during the fiesta will be a treat for both local and out-of-state visitors who plan to spend on tickets for flights landing in Goa when the event will unfold.   

Crammed full with colonial landmarks, tranquil churches and sun-baked beaches, Goa has long been India’s premier destination amongst beachgoers, honeymooners, backpackers and revellers from all over the world. Every year, millions seek air tickets aboard long-haul flights destined for the region to indulge in festivities, laze around on the beaches and explore the historical legacy of the destination during their India holidays.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Two Destinations to Visit for India’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Besides its captivating natural splendours, what leaves one who grabs travel tickets for holidaying in India becharmed is its glorious history and invigorating culture. Almost every corner of the nation has a story to tell and offers something exotic in terms of culture. However there are a few destinations where holidaying is a sure-fire way to immerse into India’s cultural ecstasy and make the most of the monies spent on deals for flights and vacation packages. Here is a quick look at top two!

Not for nothing is this state considered as the miniature India, particularly in terms of history and culture. Brimming with awe-inspiring forts and palaces, enticing marketplaces and splendid art centres, it offers visitors a rare chance to soak in the royal histories of its rulers and their lifestyle. Tourists can even experience that royalty by staying in heritage hotels of the state. The exotic fairs & festivals in Rajasthan also set visitors on a quest for air tickets aboard flights arriving in the state. Some popular tourist places to visit there include Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer.
Located in Indian province of Madhya Pradesh, it is a second to none destination to have an insight into spellbinding temple architecture, superb stone carvings and rich local traditions. Khajuraho’s temples are unique not only for their architectural beauty, but also for the religious and cultural significance they have. On the outer walls of these temples are interactive sculptures of kings and deities engaged in physical intimate acts. The place also features many enriching programmes all year-round, and lives up to every penny spent on tickets on flights for sojourning India.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mauritius Anahita the Resort a True Treat For Golfers

Mauritius’ Anahita the Resort is a well-known property that has managed to keep guests happy for years. It is a luxury alternative that is located at a distance of around 20kms from the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, which is Mauritius’ largest airport, handling flights from almost all key global hubs. Anahita is indeed a popular choice among luxury seekers who are investing money on air tickets for flying in to the island nation. It has 70 well-furnished suites that are replete with all modern facilities and services that are demanded by new-age vacationers. Among the different facilities and amenities being offered by the hotel, Anahita Golf is perhaps the most sought-after by sport enthusiast boarding flights for Mauritius.

Anahita Golf is beautiful course that has been a big reason for the soaring popularity of the property in the region and to some extent air tickets to the country as well. The golf course was designed by Ernie Els, the former World No. 1 and is thus an automatic choice for those enthusiasts who have on their mind the desire to tee off after disembarking flights at the Mauritian airport. Even regular tourists who are not too much into the sports will find the 18 hole, par-72 championship course a thing of beauty after blocking tickets and hotel deals. It is first of its kind in Mauritius and is sure to appeal to all sorts of travellers who book suite packages at the resort along with or after booking flights tickets to the nation. It is built as the USGA standards. What makes it even more enamouring for the golfers, is the incredible natural surroundings of the area.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Travel Tips to Ensure Rewarding Safari in Kenya

Kenya is an epic safari destination that boasts mesmerising wealth of wildlife. It attracts legions of holidaymakers from all over the world to grab tickets on cheap flights arriving in the country. Britons make for a considerable proportion of that tourist inflow into Kenya. It is thus vital that British travellers who are planning to invest on those tickets on flights must pay heed to certain travel aspects such as where to go, when to go and more.
Where to Go
Kenya is laden with tons of savannah and rainforest-clad mountains inhabiting millions of mega fauna and little creatures. But it is the Masai Mara National Reserve that steals the show and visited by almost every vacationer who spends on tickets on flights for touring Kenya. It is the very land that boasts a range of wildebeest, and other epic herbivores. Tourists can catch sight of lions roaming like king; cheetahs running across the savannah and crocodiles waiting for its target. Apart from Masai, tourists have wonderful choices like Amboseli, Tsavo, Lake Nakuru, Aberdare, Meru and Kakamega National Park. All of these destinations are filled to brim with spectacular range of creatures and offer legendary experiences that are worth more than the bucks invested on tickets on flights and the overall trip. 

When to Go
Mid-June to October, the dry season makes for the ideal time to tour Masai Mara. It is a period when the grasslands of the destination attract good number of gnu, zebra and various other kinds of herbivores of Africa. Tourists can enjoy the immense density and diversity of the wildlife. It should be considered that August is a peak tourist season when cheap deals on tickets for flights a rare commodity. Other natural reserves can be toured during dry months (from January through March and July through October). It is a period of water scarcity and hordes of animals tend to gather around water ponds, streams, rivers and lakes. In addition, the vegetation is comparatively less dense and ensures trouble-free visibility from distance.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top 3 Places in USA to Indulge in Rafting Adventures

With its staggering geographical diversity, the USA is one country that features some of the best destinations for water rafting adventures. In fact, most adventurers booking tickets on flights arriving here believe that there is nothing like the rush of paddling through the chaotic water and discovering USA’s hidden different landscapes. Here is a list of top 3 places in USA to choose for those who reserve tickets on flights to the country to indulge in a memorable rafting experience.

Colorado River
A trip down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon offers memories to last a lifetime. The thrill of riding rapids, gazing stars and discovery of hidden waterfalls, ancient ruins and lush hanging gardens is certainly an experience beyond the ken of words. No wonder, most adventure seekers buying tickets on flights arriving in the USA swear by a white water rafting trip down this popular waterway. 

Cherry Creek
One of the most thrilling trips in the country, Cherry Creek trips promise to offer an extravagant dose of adrenaline rush to rafters booking tickets on flights to the country for supreme adrenaline rush. This 14km Class V waterway is popular for its terrific rapids. On the way, one may get up-close and personal with spectacular mountain scenery. 

Rogue River
Rogue River is yet another popular destination in the USA that impresses with its enormous water stretches with sprinkling of mild and placid pools. It is about 40 miles long and there are enough rapids to make all the hearts pounding! This popular waterway promises unique thrills to rafters spending on tickets aboard flights arriving in the USA.